Now I want to watch lesbians
by Arren 12th Mar 2021, 2:59 PM
I guess I'll write today about something that's not really exciting for normal person, which is, to no one's surprise here, drawing a comic. The bonus part would be about finished now, just one page, but it's not going be one more page. As usual, my characters have their own mind and vixen wants to mess with Lo-Ren's mind for a little more, so who am I to argue here. After all, more vixen will always make everything batter. As for the girls, I really wish I could become a ghost so I could watch hundreds of girls who are attracted to another girl in a situation like in the comic I draw. I'm just curious how would they feel and what girls who are not sure about their emotions would do in a situation where they can be alone with a girl they like. Big spoiler here, nothing serious is going to happen in case of my characters. No running with dildo in each hand, no hot lesbian sex, just a momment from life of a girl who really likes to be with her friend and the perfect endiong of this day for her would be sleeping with her, but she doesn't really want to say it loud. The ending will be innocent "we don't want a boyfriend, so let's use this time to stay close to each other", but I'm really curious what ideas young girls would give me if I was to cointine this bonus chapter. Maybe I'll dedicate some space to Mei and Lo-Ren later. Right now I feel that this is enough and I can finally start working on something absolutely awesome, which means that after I scan remaining pages I'm going to draw vixen again.
The end is coming!
by Arren 2nd Feb 2021, 2:48 PM
It's the end, the end! I'm sure of it. And while the world seems to be completely crazy, running into a wall and accelerating, I'm not writing about that. All pages of bonus chapter are finally inked and now it's just cleaning and editing. I should sitll have enough steam left to do everything this week. After that I can return to drawing some new pages for chapter 10 because I still have big problem there. The problem is that I got better idea (something that happens all the time) and it's simply too good, I'll have to change and redraw few pages there.
My good friend, depression, luckily decided to sit quietly in the corner now and let me draw. I wish it went away for good, but that's not going to happen.
32 it is
by Arren 24th Oct 2020, 2:19 PM
The most time consuming part is done. Chapter 1 will have 32 pages and I finished inking all of them. Now only I need to scan and edit those pages. In chapter 2 I will have to replace about 5-7 and after that is just editing existing ones with computer, sometimes only changing text in few places. And then... Probably completely new chapter full of naked girls. Probably, because I'm still not sure, but I'd like to dedicate some space to Lo-Ren and Mei. Some time ago I discovered that Mei doesn't really want to have a boyfriend and this can lead to some shoujo-ai. Only mild shoujo-ai, nothing hardcore, Mei just likes the idea of being very close to her best friend while also being naked and enjoying contact with nature. I'll think about it when I'll get there. Now it's time to get that tablet and start editing.
'Ere we go, boyz!
by Arren 20th Oct 2020, 2:37 PM
Okay, my kathartic journey begins. Time to press the big red button and do something for my sanity as government panicks because of the virus and locks everything. Prologue and few pages of chapter 1 are already here, more will be posted soon. I want to thank all the people reading for the support and now is a little "O sh********!!" moment, because I removed pages without double checking who made one comment. I'm terrible with remembering names. If I'm right, this was Jawbone, who previously made a comment about using Tolkiens poem about oliphaunt. This was a nice idea and I decided to include part of it on page 3. I also want to thank Gorga for having some influence, Chomek for always challenging me by asking questions and all other people who gave me support. I read all the comments and while I might not respond to something simple like "nice" or "cute", my answer would always be "thanks".
Well, time to draw some more. But not today. Today I have to struggle with some papers as government buildings are turning into a bunker to prevent spreading Covid19. They... I'll give them participation badge for trying. Yes, there is a security guard checking if people have masks, but he's not wearing his mask properly. Same goes to woman behind the desk. And then politicans wonder why people are getting sick.
26, 27, 28...
by Arren 19th Oct 2020, 2:58 PM
So far nothing is changing here. Now I want to focus 100% on sitting and drawing improved chapter 1. I already have 26 pages finished and few more taking shape. If anyone really wants to keep the comic how it is, you may always download it. At some piont I might delete pages. This is matter of my mental health. We have this big bad virus, everything is locked again, cant't go out, can't go to meet some new people, so I just want to keep my mind busy by improving the comic so it will look how I like.
About 90% of the comic will stay the same. I just want to change how it starts and will have to redraw few further pages as a result. I'm also thinking about putting some extra pages about Lo-Ren and Mei when they go swimming. I feel that their relationship needs some extra care. I guess I'll be drawing extra chapter about naked girl then :)
But this has to wait. For now plan is to make improved chapter 1 and edit drawings until I get to the part where I want to draw those girls. Editing should be easy and faster than what I do now.
Time to change stuff
by Arren 16th Oct 2020, 10:54 PM
I'm not really happy about how this comic looks like. I wasn't for quite some time and I feel that if I continue, I will be slave of my mistakes. The comic was changed some time ago and I thought that band-aid I applied to the story will be enough. It turns ou it won't be enough and something more is needed. Something that should be done long time ago. That's why soon I'm going to remove everything except the prologe, which was created while I started to think about changes, and I 'm going to start posting pages again as I draw/edid.
The good news is that this will mean more vixen in earlier part, but somebody has to draw pages leading to what will happen in refreshed chapter 2.
See you soon. Now I... must... somehow... get energy... to draw more. Creating comic is an exhausting task.
Let's begin
by Arren 7th Oct 2014, 1:32 AM

Allright, time to start submiting my comic. I heard about this site recently and decided to show my story here. Now I have to figure out all the options. I don't really want to do that, I want to return to drawing :)